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, the rebels control the border post which makes them a target. at the u.n. security council, the paralysis caused by the desire of france, britain and america, to remove the regime in russia and china cost support of it means a struggle to release a statement. >> this is a great concern. turkey is a core ally of the united states and this sort of cross border military activity is very destabilizing and must be stopped. >> syria takes seriously the vote in turkey and the vote authorizing military action. >> in cases of border incidents, that happened between any two neighboring countries, states and governments should act wisely, rationally and responsibly. >> but on syrian state tv, the incident with turkey was not mentioned. it called for a combination of rebel attacks. the russian foreign minister who says he does not want sutton regime change is watching president." assad tossed back, vital for the regime's survival. >> the conflict in syria took on a cross border damaged a long time ago. pick it is being pulled from the outside. >> all syria's neighbors are being drawn into the conflic
. >> the turks took the issue to the u.n. security council where russia has consistently blocked any kind of action against the syrian regime. >> neither nato nor the u.n. security council has actually made the kind of decision that turkey wants on this issue, so in a way, it finds itself isolated and it's a position of great discomfort to the turkish prime minister. >> moments ago, the u.n. security council condemned the mortar attack on the turkish border town, but the turkish army believes it already has what it needs to cross into syria if provoked again. >> bret: jennifer, thank you. still ahead, florida's voter fraud scandal is getting nasty for republicans. first, certain words are so inflammatory, they're almost unheard of here in washington. a republican senator uses one for the obama administration does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, dro
are well off. u.n. world food program representatives estimate 60 million people, or 70%, of the population are not getting enough food. heavy rains and several typhoons this summer have made the situation worse, and they expect north koreans mainly in rural areas will face a severe food shortage this coming winter. improving the standard of living across the country is one of kim jong-un's many challenges. although unlike amusement parks or restaurants, he and his officials aren't keen to show or talk about that side of life inside their nation. nhk world, pyongyang. >>> many people from japan and south korea are determined not to allow the ongoing row over disputed islands in the sea of japan to spoil cross cultural ties. at a festival in seoul, people from the two countries enjoyed meeting up and learning about each other's cultures. the annual festival began in 2005 to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between japan and south korea. traditional performing arts from both countries represented on stage. some japanese participants come from the regions hit by last year's earthqu
in syria will not spiral into a wider conflict. >> there has been jostling argument -- on the u.n. security council on how to respond to this situation. turkey's allies want a statement condemning the action by the syrians. >> western diplomats complained that russia's proposals would weaken the statement to an unacceptable degree. >> all sides have been voicing grave concern at the syrian civil war spilling over into the wider region. >> chancellor angela merkel expressed regret for the loss of life in turkey. she urged both sides to show discretion. >> we call on all parties to remain level headed. but it is clear that germany condemned the syrian attacks on germany -- on turkey. we stand beside turkey. >> stern countries were united in saying that the conflict cannot -- western countries were united in saying that the conflict cannot be allowed to spill over into neighboring countries. >> we do not want to see a continuing escalation of this incident. >> but syria's ally, russia, took a different tack. foreign minister certification a blackrock said the fault did not lie with -- foreign
with syria. at least nine others were injured. the turkish foreign minister brief to the u.n. envoy to syria on the attack. a shell hit the same town last friday but there were no deaths. >> for more, we can go to suzanne in istanbul. what more can you tell us about the incident? can we be sure who fired it? >> the turks into be sure because they have already fired back. the prime minister has said they have attacked after determining targets on the syrian site and they said they hit their targets. they have retaliated so for the first time this is a tit-for- tat. so the situation is hot. >> can we expect any more pressure from within turkey for more action? >> absolutely. the prime minister and the foreign minister have been on the phone calling everybody. they especially expect a move from nato. the turks were not happy when they shrugged their shoulders the last time around. and now they really want to see solidarity. nato ambassadors are going to meet tomorrow and we can be sure turkey will pressure nato. >> obviously a developing situation. thank you very much. a few hours to go into th
positions so it is still a very dangerous situation along that long border. trace? >>trace: action in the u.n. could have been the wrong word, you are right. >> bringing in middle east expert michael singh, a former senior director for middle east affairs at the national security council. you have, michael, the situation where syria has apologized. you have turkey saying there is no appetite for war. the question becomes, can bashar al-assad handle fighting from in his country the rebels as well as outside of his country from turkey? that could be enough to crush the regime? >>guest: there is is no doubt bashar al-assad wants to keep turkey out of this. that is why we see not just syria apologizing but the russians who are the main diplomatic protector coming in and trying to contain this situation. what you see from the west, also, frankly, is a desire to contain the actual spillover here, the fighting here, and move this into the united nations security council to try to take advantage of this, to spur action in the council. >>trace: you use the word "contain" and that brings the next quest
. >> ( translated ): thorough our ambassador we maintain contacts with syria and they assure us also through the u.n.'s special envoy for syria mr. lakhdar ibrahimi that it is a tragic incident, such incidents will not be repeated in the future. scuffles outside the turkish parliament in ankara, only a few protested, but many turks fear war erupting with their neighbor. once a friend, now deemed an enemy. inside the chamber, m.p.s granted the government powers to send troops over the border but that looks unlikely. by this evening the syrians had done exactly what the russians asked. inside syria, the war grows ever more bitter. neighboring countries and world powers have picked sides and are providing arms and other support, but as the u.n. security council meets tonight to discuss a resolution on yesterday's shelling, it's clear that no-one, least of all turkey and syria, wants the war to spill over the border. >> woodruff: for more on this i'm joined now by henri barkey-- a specialist in turkish affairs and a former state department official in the clinton administration. he now teaches at lehigh
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for the rule of law, due process, and restrictions on the u.n. is its constitutional. we must say no to assassinations of u.s. citizens, say no to indefinite detention without any semblance of due process, and to the continued drone killings that have made our nation so much less secure. so let your voices be heard loudly from the voting booth as you are guided by your most deeply held values. >> the justice party's presidential candidate rocky anderson and green party candidate dr. jill stein, as a participated in the presidential debate last night in real time averell podiums, albeit outside the gates of the official debate on "democracy now!" special broadcast "expanding debates time to see the three hour debate, go to democracy now! is looking for feedback from people who appreciate the closed captioning. e-mail your comments to or mail them to democracy now! p.o. box 693 new york, new york 10013. "democracy now!"
artillery. the syrian ambassador to the u.n. saying two syrian military officers were wounded. meanwhile, the turkish parliament has voted in favor of a new resolution that would authorize the turkish government to carry cross-border operations, military operations, into syria. meanwhile, some sectors of turkish society have been organizing anti-war protests in the square behind me. definitely concerned about the possible outbreak of war between these two neighbors. erin? >> thanks very much to ivan. >>> now to yemen where five al qaeda militants were killed in a u.s. drone attack. at least that's what two local security officials tell cnn today. the militants were heavily armed, carrying explosives. nic robertson knows the area very well. i asked if those killed were high value targets. >> reporter: three u.s. drone strikes have killed five suspected al qaeda militants in an area known as an al qaeda stronghold. al qaeda made gains in yemen last year. they have been rolled back to some degree by government backed by tribal militias in recent months but they still present a big problem i
attack. and, yet, it was three days later that u.n. ambassador susan rice, you will recall, went on all the sunday shows to insist that the killings were the result of a spontaneous mob. well, the next day fox news has learned high level intelligence officials has reached out to several independent security contractors and had them review these images of the mortar damage at that annex. the contractor sited the angles and fragmentation patterns to detect two more mortar teams using g.p.s. devices to score hits. armed with these outside assessments, the intel officials internally rebutted susan rice's claims and the very next day matt olson, head of the national counter terrorism center ended this internal debate when he testified publicly to the united states senate that benghazi was indeed a terrorist attack follow me on twitter at james rosen fnc and i will link to you my full article on trace? >> trace: will do. james rosen, thank you. victory is in sight. that's what governor mitt romney is telling supporters after polls show most americans say he scored a big win in hi
, they trotted out the u.n. ambassador who said this is a spontaneous demonstration bread by a hateful video. now, that is one of the most disgraceful performances i have ever seen. first year cadet at west point would have told you that that was -- you know, there is -- people sitting around benghazi, grab your mortar, honey, we're going to a spontaneous demonstration. >> gretchen: but senator, looking ahead then to these next debates, i don't know if the president will have it any better off because foreign policy, when we start talking about this, when mitt romney starts talking about it or the moderator, there is going to be a lot of questions to answer and it may be the first time that the president is forced to answer questions about libya. >> well, he did answer questions about his foreign policy. remember, he just said there was a few bumps in the road. iraq is unraveling. al-qaeda is coming back. afghanistan is in total disarray because of this killing of americans by afghan military people and it's because the president keeps announcing we're leaving and it's overruled his military advi
the u.n. will not be there to protect you and neither is president obama or eric holder. what will protect you is our freedom under the second amendment of the constitution. there is not a government or an authority on the planet that can match that if you are in that situation. let me talk about one other thing. this whole fast and furious situation. [booing] under the obama administration, they sent thousands of guns to the most evil people on the planet -- the mexican drug cartels. they had a massive campaign to manipulate public a patient budget opinion in this country with this 90% nonsense. the president, vice president, attorney general, they sound like a former shop quartet coming critics singing. they were ruining the lives of us american citizens that own firearm shops. they told them to make the sales. the media is reporting their unscrupulous dealers. some of them tried to prosecute. when some good federal agents and down the line blew the whistle on the whole mess, they tried a massive cover-up scheme. the best way to get eric holder his walking papers is to give
is also asking the u.n. to intervene now even though the syrians are apologizing. nick peyton walsh joins us live from beirut. what is the latest on the conflict between the two countries? it's very troubling. >> reporter: shelling continued overnight according to a senior turkish official but has now ended. there appear to be targeting a military facility in a town. what is key is that this shelling persisted overnight. there had been a belief that the turkish were going to retaliate once to show strength and get the rhetorical backing from its nato allies. but they have continued shelling. this is not all sophisticated military. they're trying to destroy. and we've had reports from syrian opposition activist that's are syrian army casualties as a result of the turkish strikes. >> and a few analysts are suspecting that syria's attack on turkey may have been orchestrated by either the assad regime or the rebels in an attempt to pull turkey into the syrian conflict. do you have any evidence of that? >> reporter: at this point, no. i mean i understand both points of view and the rational to
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, expertos dicen que podría haber más ancianos que niños poniendo en peligro el seguro social. >>> esto u más en el noticiero univisión, comenzamos ♪. >>> este es su noticiero univisión con jorge ramos y maría elena salinas ♪. >>> muy buenas noches, antes del debate presidencial comenzamos con una exclusiva de univisión, dos congresistas republicanos piden al procurador eric holder que se investigue sobre la operación rápido y furioso, enviaron un cuestionario al departamento de justicia donde se cita el programa de univisión. >>> la investigación de "rápido y furioso, armando al enemigo" puso a la luz la información de muchas armas que quedaron a la disposic. de cárteles de la droga. >>> la información que hemos tenido es que las armas iban al cartel de sinaloa . >>> ahora dos legisladores republicanos quieren saber qué información tiene el gobierno de las armas. >>> ellos arriesgaron vidas en ambos lados de la frontera, con la vaga esperanza de dejar ir 2 mil armas a un paradero oscuro podrían rastrear dónde habían estado. >>> de las 100 armas encontradas, eran relacio
. they started buying it. and then you had the u.n. meeting. you had a lot of confrontation between netanyahu and iranians. that added to the fire. once that subsided, there was no follow-through. you saw a lot of profit taking in this market. it was really more of a technical move down coupled with, like i said, profit taking. from here, we'll probably get right back up again. i wouldn't be surprised to see $92, $93 by actually monday. >> reporter: simon? >> okay. good. sharon, john, thank you very much for the view there from the new york mercantile. >>> and the push for energy independent taking center stage last night. but is the race to unlock america's new oil and gas reserves more sound and fury than actual performance? faber's got an exclusive with the co-faunder and president of quantum just ahead. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalatio
responsable, quienes idjeorn que debería estar encarcelado . >> debe a pegarse a derecho, es u delito, es un abuso, es una conducta ilícita por estos destrozos autoridades detuvieron a 40 personas que serán enjuiciadas por robo y motin . >> se llevaron computadoras, el alcalde atendió los asuntos públicos en una sede alterna . >> mire qué caso, un ex espia quiere vender su reloj, su rolex y casa, hace 16 años llegó como heroe desde los estados unidos . >> juan pablo cobró noteorierdad por pertenecer a una rede despionaje, un día antesd el incidente regresó a cuba, otros espisas nunca enfrentaron a las noticias ,esta semana después de añso el piloto hico declaracioens en un canal de miami . >> si pudiera viajar en una máquina del tiempo bajaria al os mucchachos de los aviones que se derribaron . >> también habla de su vida en miami ,dice extrañar a amigos e familiares y reconoce la situación precaria que vive, pero aún así no asume su culpa porque la decisión del derrivo de las avionetas no fue de él . >> que se juzgue por sus acciones . >> maría es hermana de uno de los
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Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)